Collections for 2017

We have begun collecting items for Operation Christmas Child with each month having an emphasis being placed on specific items each week. The shoebox collection week is November 13th -20th.  All items need to be in by Wednesday November 1st.  We will pack boxes on Saturday November 4th at 11 AM. This year, due to customs, no toothpaste or candy of any kind is allowed.  Below is a list of items we would like for you to bring:

August–School Supplies and Work Supplies
Week 1-Pencils, pens, crayons, coloring pencils,coloring books
Week 2-Small notebooks, pencil sharpeners, erasers, craft sets and stickers
Week 3-WaterColor paint sets (not liquid), calculators, scissors, and glue sticks
Week 4-Small hammer, small screwdrivers, zip ties, twine, duct tape, nails and screws, cloth tool belts, and gloves

September –Toys (none used/war related-knives, guns)
Week 1-Hot wheel cars, dolls (small baby or Barbie), Small magna doodle
Week 2-Balls (beach ball, foam, or plastic/rubber), yo-yos, jump ropes, slinky, and jacks
Week3-Stuffed animals, musical instruments, small puzzles, and picture books
Week 4-Blocks, sidewalk chalk, dress-up clothes, other small games
October –Hygiene and Other Items
Week 1-Wash cloths, bar soap, travel soap holder, and deodorant
Week 2-Toothbrush, toothbrush holder, combs/brushes, hair bands or barrettes
Week 3-Take N Toss bowls, Take N Toss Sippy cups, plastic spoons and forks (ones in baby/toddler section at Wal-Mart work well)
Week 4-Sunglasses, Band-aids, water bottles, and small flashlights with batteries

Boxes will be available in foyer to place items in and you may bring items each week or monthly, however works best for you. Plastic shoe boxes and monetary donations for shipping can be brought in anytime during these 3 months.  Shipping has increased to $9 per box this year.
Individual boxes – Packing your own box
This year, we have packed boxes for each age group and provided a list of items suggested to fill each box if you would like to pack your own. If you are packing your own box, please place $9 inside to cover shipping cost and bring to church by Sunday November 12th. Thank you for supporting this wonderful cause.

Click on the link below to see the individual child ages and lists of necessary and optional items for each box.

Christmas Shoebox list Girl 2 – 4 Years  
Christmas Shoebox list Girl 5 – 9 Years
Christmas Shoebox list Girl 10 – 14 Years
Christmas Shoebox list Boy 2-4 Years
Christmas Shoebox list Boy 5-9 Years
Christmas Shoebox list Boy 10 – 14 Years