Reaching Out Comes From Within

“Where there is no vision, the people perish:”
‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭29:18‬ ‭

The vast majority of people we come across in our day to day affairs are lost (spiritually) and lonely (emotionally). The good news is that they can be changed by our love for Jesus but for that change to occur we must be willing to go where they are and invite them. Waiting for people to attend church on Sunday does not get it done in a culture that does not know, believe, or care about the Bible.

When a church has no vision it eventually will cease to exist. Many churches have great ideas but no vision. Churches with ideas rarely DO anything. Churches (and people) with a vision change the world. We stop praying and act on our own without a vision. We should always be expecting God to do bigger and better things than He ever has before.

We are to take the Gospel everywhere and our church should be reaching our community with the Gospel, making it an area where God dwells and His ways are known. His Word should be the dominant force and lives should be changed by the Holy Spirit. Every church has a destiny and God always raises up men and women to shape that destiny. When the current membership at your church is dead and gone what will it be remembered for: great ideas or a vision that was realized by reaching out to those in need of Jesus?

Pastor Chad


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